Common Probiotic Myths

We agree that Probiotics can be very confusing and complex! That's why we're here to break down some of the most popular myths about probiotics and deliver you only the facts!


Myth #1: You can only get probiotics through a pill

BRITE bites are here to prove that wrong! It's actually easier for your body to absorb the probiotics through food and not by swallowing a pill. Our bites are all-natural and contain probiotic powder that will easily absorb into your system when you eat them! You no longer have to go through the hassle of taking pills, eating 2 of our bites equals your daily dose of probiotics. 

Myth #2: Probiotics are only for digestion

While probiotics do help your digestion and gut, they have an affect on so much more! They help boost your energy levels, immune system, mood, and overall wellness!

Myth #3: Probiotics need to be refrigerated to work

Some probiotics are required to be stored in the fridge, however our probiotics are completely shelf-stable! This means you can store them wherever you'd like, either inside or outside the fridge, and the probiotics will continue to work.  

Myth #4: Yogurt is a good main source of probiotics

While yogurt does contain bacteria in its ingredients, sometimes it is not the friendly bacteria that most probiotics are made of. Most yogurts are processed, and most of the good probiotic bacteria don't survive in the process. Some yogurts also include added sugars or sweeteners, which produces the opposite effect of probiotics on your gut!

 BRITE bites are here to help you! No need for expensive probiotic pills in order keep your gut healthy and happy. Two of our bites a day will give you the probiotics you need! If you have any questions about our probiotics, don't hesitate to ask, we'd love to talk to you!



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