Happy Valentine's Day!

 ’Tis the season of roses (not just on Monday nights), chocolate, and most importantly: love. Since it is already on everyone’s minds today, I figured ‘why not make a blog post out of it?’ But I don’t want to focus on romance or material gifts. I want to take this opportunity to talk about the only relationship that will matter today, tomorrow, and every single day for the rest of your life: the one you have with yourself. That’s right— we’re talking SELF-LOVE! 

I am no professional nor life coach (I have just as much room for improvement as the next person), but what I have found to be most helpful in practicing self-love is to dive deep and truly make it about YOU.Don’t seek superficial, fabricated ideas from social media, etc. to figure out what you need from yourself. 

If you like bath bombs and a well-deserved shopping spree that’s great- but save it for when you ace an exam or land an interview. True self-care can’t be bought. If you are feeling drained, in a slump or stressed, dedicate your spare time and energy to fixing that; don’t just ignore it or think a night out will do the trick. Which brings me to my first tip for self-care…

If you need a break from socializing, take it.

It has become my firm belief through personal experience that happiness revolves around one thing: balance. If you feel like you are stretching yourself too thin trying to juggle your responsibilities and a social life, choose yourself over going out. Stay in. As long as you take care of yourself, there will be plenty of other nights ahead to see friends.


Make time for the things you enjoy.

Whether it’s yoga, working out, reading, cooking, talking to a loved one, etc. MAKE TIME FOR IT! Too often we cheat ourselves out of happiness by thinking our hobbies aren’t important enough. Always leave time at the end of the day for something that puts you in a good mood. Big or small, you can always find time for it— no excuses!

Don’t set unrealistic expectations for yourself… set goals.

First, realize there is a difference between goals and expectations. Goals are an amazing tool for growth, and a great way to hold yourself accountable for achieving said expectations. But here’s where they differ: say you want to lose 10lbs before vacation (goal). A realistic expectation would be to lose 2lbs every week for five weeks. However, waiting until the week before vacation to workout/adjust your diet and assume you’ll shed all 10lbs is an unrealistic expectation. Essentially, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Try creating goals instead. Set daily, weekly, monthly goals and keep track of them. Write them down, set reminders on your phone, do whatever it is that will help you. And don’t punish yourself if you don’t reach them- instead learn from your mistakes, game plan, and try again.

Remove toxicity from your life.

This one speaks for itself, but I realize it is easier said than done. It’s hard enough admitting to ourselves when something/someone isn’t good for us anymore, and actually cutting it out of our lives can seem impossible or too painful. But the risk is worth the reward. Speaking from personal experience, you are better off without the friend or habit or relationship that is dragging you down.

Love yourself before loving someone else.

This is the most significant piece of advice I can offer to anyone. Learn to do things by yourself: shopping, working out, traveling. Once you’re comfortable with loneliness, you will find independence and become your own best friend. If you know you can count on yourself for anything, you'll end up with a significant other for the right reasons.

I hope this Valentine's Day you will treat yourself before anyone else. Remember... you deserve some lovin' too! Today and every day.

Lots of love,

Arielle xx

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