Staying Happy during the Changing of the Seasons

The transition from summer to fall not only brings a change in the weather, but in your overall mood as well. As the days get shorter & cooler, you may start to feel a little more down than usual. Whether it's having less energy or not feeling less social, everyone reacts to this season change differently.

Studies have shown that in the cooler months of the year, you're more likely to experience a mood shift. As the days start to have fewer hours of sunlight, it affects our circadian rhythm. This can affect when we want to sleep and create a more tired mood. 


How to beat the seasonal slump:

Get fresh air

Spending more time outside in the sunlight can boost your overall health and mood. (Make sure to bundle up as the temperatures drop!) Getting more fresh air and sunlight can help clear the mind and boost serotonin levels (the happy drug!). So go outside, take a walk, and admire the beautiful colors of fall trees, you won't regret it. 

Keep active

Cuddling up in a blanket on the couch can definitely sound better than working out, especially as the cold weather arrives. However, staying active is important for keeping a healthy mind. Not only does working out help your body, it can also reduce stress and boost your overall mood!

Spend time with family & friends

During the pandemic, it's been difficult not being able to see your friends and family as much as you used to. Spending time with close friends and family can reduce stress and boost your overall happiness. Whether it's a wine night over zoom or a socially distanced nature walk, quality time with friends can help lift your mood.

Create a new daily routine

Daily routines provide structure and organization which helps keep stress levels low. Try adding some unique activities into your fall routines that will relax and calm the mind. Waiting 30 minutes after you wake up to check your phone and replacing that time with a meditation or just to enjoy a cup of coffee can leave you refreshed and ready to conquer the day. 

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