Probiotics: Just the Facts

Probiotics: Just the Facts

We get it there is so much information out there, the health world can be overwhelming. It's hard knowing who to believe and who is telling the truth. We hear often from our customers “ I know I need probiotics, but I don’t know why” To help, we explain below the most important facts about probiotics in an easily understandable way.

What exactly are Probiotics? 

Probiotics are a friendly type of bacteria that are naturally found in your body. These live bacteria help to support your immune and digestive systems.

Why do I need them?

Not only do probiotics promote digestive and gut health, they provide numerous other benefits for you such as weight loss, enhanced immune system, and reduces the risk of many diseases. Since your gut is considered your “second brain”, these good bacteria can help with reducing anxiety and improve mood!

How Do Probiotics Work? 

The microorganisms in your gut are called gut flora. Your gut flora performs many important functions in your digestive system such as absorbing vitamins and destroying harmful bacteria. When there’s too much “bad” bacteria in your gut and not enough “good”, an imbalance can occur. 

This is when probiotics come to the rescue. These friendly bacteria help regulate the good and the bad microorganisms in your gut and make you feel great!

Our Probiotic

The probiotic we put into every bite has been shown to survive 10x more effectively than yogurt cultures. Not all probiotics are equal but ours is highly shelf stable  meaning there's no need to store BRITE bites in the fridge.

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