Healthy Summer Recipes!

Summer is all about exploring new foods and eating well. Here at BRITE bites HQ, we've picked out our favorite summer meals that we can't wait to share! These simple meals are so delicious they will leave you wanting more. We have a delicious recipe for each meal of the day, bon appetit!

Breakfast: Avo & Eggs

Who loves avocado as much as we do? This simple meal will give you the energy needed to start your day off productive! Two scrambled eggs and wheat toast topped with avocado & everything bagel seasoning, paired with fresh strawberries. Don't forget your morning cup of coffee!

Lunch: Kale Salad 


Never been a salad fan? We promise this one will get you hooked. Kale mixed with mango, grape tomatoes, almonds & quinoa, topped with your favorite salad dressing. YUM!!

Snack: Beet Smoothie & BRITE bites (of course!)

Beets, in a smoothie? Yes we were a bit skeptical too. However, this beautiful pink smoothie will leave you refreshed, giving you all sorts of vitamins and minerals! Blend frozen berries, kale, almond milk, beets & vanilla protein powder and enjoy!

Pair the smoothie with 2 BRITE bites in your favorite flavor (we chose Coconut Cran) to get your daily probiotics!

Dinner: Ground Turkey Taco Bowl 


This protein packed meal will leave your stomach satisfied & full! A taco bowl inspired twist with chickpeas, black beans, corn, sautéed peppers, ground turkey, brown rice & taco seasoning. Perfect alternative recipe for a taco Tuesday!



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