The Power of a "Lucky Dress"!

Most studies claim that public speaking is the number one fear in America. For me, it is one of my favorite things to do. In fact, pitch competitions are how I have managed to fund this business.

What started as a typical shopping trip to Marshalls turned into a pretty funny story with a 1000% return on investment (ROI). The “Lucky Dress” was born in November 2018. The first time I wore it was for the MSU Women in Entrepreneurship competition. However, it didn’t get it’s name until win #3 which was a very special event. I competed internationally at The University of Western Ontario. This was one of the most intense competitions I have participated in and placed first.


The “Lucky Dress” has been worn in 8 competitions and every single time I placed first. When I don’t wear “the dress”, I don’t place first. Last week, I participated in the US National competition for EO GSEA. I wore the dress for my semi-final pitch and advanced to the finals. Of course, I wore the dress again for the finals and placed third. This is a very tough competition with the top student entrepreneur in the country and I felt very accomplished to place third and win a cash prize.

This blog is not meant to boast or show off company winnings. Rather, it is to show that when you manifest your dreams and have confidence you will achieve them. It shows how something as simple and silly as a dress can give you the confidence you need. My lucky dress reminds me of Sara Blakey and her lucky red backpack. She took that red backpack everywhere with her during the early years of starting SPANX.

When I think about putting together a new cute outfit for a pitch, I simply can’t because the dress is so lucky. Plus it saves me some time not having to decide what to wear for competitions; time that is better spent practicing my pitch ;)

Write down your goals, set yourself up for success and crush it! 

Rooting for all you,


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